Energy Balancing and Energy Clearings     




We are living beings made of energy. We influence the subtle energy around and within us with our every thought, action, and emotion. We literally surround and fill ourselves with our fears, our anger, our resentment, and other negative thoughts and emotions that hold us back in life - and can make us sick. Energy clearing is many things to many people, and limited only by our imagination as to the ways it can be used to assist us.

Why are our lives turned upside down suddenly, and why do we experience challenges and problems we never did see coming?

  • Our awareness is changing.
  • The energy and frequencies around us are changing at such a rapid pace that we are rattled.
  • Our energy is disrupted and many deep rooted and hidden patterns rise to the surface.

We can change the energy in us, around us and with us, and with that we can change our now and our future

Most people are not aware that negative entities exist, or why we are suddenly experiencing more problems because of them. The way I see it, because the frequency of the Earth is steadily increasing at an unprecedented rate, negative entities and spirits are frantically looking to find a new home. Some of them are so panicked that any home will do. Because of the increasing frequency of the Earth, it is easier than ever to negatively influence people.



 dowsers raymon grace and peter herburger

Peter (right) with Raymon Grace

"Energy clearing is a means of getting information with the use of a physical instrument and then clear, balance and transmute the energy."- Raymon Grace      (Teacher and Founder of the Raymon Grace Project) what is energy clearing

“The work Peter has done in clearing the negative energies from us, our home, property and family and his work in raising and adjusting the good energies has made an amazing difference in our lives. L.T. ON